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BB Battery

Compatible with all standard BB battery in your own area (Battery) and long aku enjoy life. High Watt and with reference values and world-wide significant difference in the quality and BB Aku

FCM in Electronic Stock Now. BB Battery 12V 7Ah with bb in the range of 12V 210Ah ideal solution for orders aku. Particularly to uninterruptible power supplies, alarm, security, used in many fields including the health sector and the quality and choice which is why

BB Battery; Use aku to eliminate the problem. Dry Batteries, UPS aku and inventory information for URLs, please contact us geçin.BB Battery, Bakımsız battery, is named Incentives, such as fluid type akulerdeki components such as electrolyte and acid is not necessary to renew today the most preferred type is one of the battery. Uninterruptible power supplies primarily in the preferred BB-and long-lasting battery requires no maintenance is in the foreground stands out with its quality.

Direct current is used to store energy BB Battery indispensable elements of today's technology is one of the world. DC voltage of electric energy is not stored anywhere with the energy to get through batteries is possible. FCM production technologies but a variety of batteries bb batteries birlite are working in the Dry Batteries. Batteries containing liquid inside is not gas-tight, liquid acid does not drain, misuse or because of manufacturing defects does not create a risk of explosion.

Therefore, as UPS akusu is preferred. All positions (horizontal / vertical) that can be operated with a high performance dry batteries. According to the production of an uninterruptible power supply ups system teknlojisine set up in various pieces kullanılmabilmektedir aku. 12V and 6V produced as the ideal partner for the safe use of established systems is aku.

Dry bb aku; Cell Number for; V Max: 122.6 V cell: 2.23 desired cell = 122.6 / 2.23 = 55 cells to find the minimum voltage for the cell; V Min: 99 Cell Number: 55 Volt / cell = 99 / 55 = 1.8 volt / cells from these simple calculations have been prepared after the manufacturers of the battery discharge voltage selection table 1.8 V / cell prepared according to the table column by referring to 3 hours battery which is 200 A. (12 V. monoblock battery bağlanacaksada 55 / 6: 9 pcs battery should be.)

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